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Anderlecht put their feet down on the ground just before the qualifiers

Anderlecht put their feet down on the ground just before the qualifiers

RSC Anderlecht begin their Champions League qualifiers tomorrow with a match against Royal Antwerp. Analyst Philippe Albert warns the Purple & White that they must put in an immediate performance against 'The Great Old', otherwise a new national title will be a long way off.

It has been seven years since Anderlecht became Belgian champions. According to Albert, the Brussels Champions' players are well aware of this and know that they have to work hard from the start of the qualifiers.

Second place

However, Anderlecht must also take into account what is happening underneath. “Because if you start with a defeat against Antwerp and Club Brugge beats Cercle Brugge, which is very likely, you will have to work hard for second place,” Albert said in his statements. Sodpress.


But Albert also sees a lot of positive things about purple and white. “We must also appreciate the work of the coaching staff, the management and the players. When you go through a season like last season, recovering from such a wreck is never easy when you are a professional.”

“They were all working towards the same goal,” the Walloon analyst continued. “Even if Remer makes a mistake in one or two moments, we still have to emphasize his work. Like it or not, from a sporting and football perspective, Anderlecht had a fantastic season that could end with nothing or with a victory.”