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Anderlecht relieved: Ashimiru’s injury looks good  sport

Anderlecht relieved: Ashimiru’s injury looks good sport

AnderlechtAnderlecht sighed with relief yesterday. After all, it looks like Majid Ashimiro’s injury isn’t too bad, and he will probably make it to the match against Club Brugge.

On Saturday, however, it didn’t look so good for Red Bull Salzburg mercenaries. During a coaching match at KV Oostende, he received a nasty ankle peck after which a medical staff member and Kemar Lawrence had to carry him off the field. Twenty-four hours later, Ashimeru was already able to lean on the ankle, indicating that it was not as bad as he feared.

Purple and white, without different star carriers, made a good impression on the seashore. For example, Ashimeru-Josh Cullen’s tandem hit the midfield and young defensive duo Lucas Lissens-Zeno Debast was also reliable. In the striker, an experiment with Jacob Bronn Larsen worked well, and the Dane scored the opening goal. Also pay attention to the second goal. If Anderlecht sees counter chances in the Champions Qualifiers, Bron Larsen could be of help. Abdullah Diaby scored the final score 0-3. (PJC / TTV)

KV OOSTENDE: Hubert (46 ‘Castro), Tanghe (80’ Dewaele), Theate, Jakel, Bataille (46 ‘D’Haese), Ndicka (70’ Patoulidis), Marquet (46 ‘D’Arpino), Boonen (46’ Hjulsager), Vandendriessche (46 ‘Batzner), Sakala (46’ Kvasina), Thiam (80 ‘Vanhulle)

Anderlecht (first half): Willinrother, Murillo, Depast, Licence, Mikhailchenko, Colin, Ashemeru, Ait El Hajj, Vershatrin, Amozu, Bron Larsen

Anderlecht (second half): Verbruggen, Sardela, Depast, Licens, Lawrence, Colin, Ashimeru (50 Arnstad), Mikero, Diaby, Amozou (70 Stroikens), Bron Larsen (89 ‘Mahsato)

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KV Ostend

Theate withdrew with a thigh injury, and in the final stage D’Haese injured his knee. Hendry and Jay had a rest. (TTV)