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Andre Hazes takes a look at a break with his mother, Rachel: "Much Abuse, Long Distance" |  Showbiz

Andre Hazes takes a look at a break with his mother, Rachel: “Much Abuse, Long Distance” | Showbiz

Rachel Hazzs officially opened her YoYo Fresh Tea Bar today at Stadshart Amstelveen Shopping Center; Catering company where cold, refreshing drinks are sold. Son André was also present with his new love Sarah van Soelen (25) and her parents. The presence of the couple has sparked many paparazzi, which is new for Sarah. “Nice, warm, but … I still have to get used to it all,” she confessed to Shownieuws.

Andre and Rachel have honestly stated in recent years that their connection wasn’t always good. In fact, mother and son hadn’t seen each other at all in four years. The two were eventually reunited in 2017 by Andre’s ex-fiancée, Monique Westenburg (43), with whom he had a son, Andre Jr.

The opening of Rachel’s catering company was the right moment for the 27-year-old to embrace and honor her on Instagram. A lot happened. He said a lot. He shouted a lot. Quarreled too much. Too much offense. Too much distance. Too many apologies. Too much regret. Make up for a lot. He forgot a lot. Forgive a lot. Too much transgression. Too much love. “

Hazes continues that he hopes they stay together forever and writes that he’s proud of Rachel. “I am proud of you. You as a mother. You as the widow of the great Andre Hazes. You as a businessman. But especially your fighter! I miss you his girlfriend. Let them pee on you. I love you. Congratulations on your new, already successful business.”

Although the bond between Andre and his mother seems stronger than ever, Sister Roxanne (28) has no longer contact with Rachel. It is not yet known why the two are no longer talking to each other. Andre and Roxanne settled their argument last year. They said at the time, “My father seems to be behind this.”

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