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Andreas Helgstrand is expanding further in the United States

Andreas Helgstrand is expanding further in the United States

Andreas Hellstrand has expanded into the United States with a global equestrian group (Hellstrand, Beerbaum and private equity firm Waterland). New acquisitions include Gold Coast Feed in Wellington, Florida and Show Grounds Live, Shelberg Falls, Massachusetts. With the acquisition, Helxstrand aims to expand its existing operations in the United States.

Gold Coast Feed is the official food and bed supplier to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PPIEC). The company oversees this in the winter for the Winter Equestrian Festival and the Global Dressage Festival. It is distributed throughout the year to Wellington and its environs.

Increase the limit

“We see tremendous potential in the Gold Coast feed,” says Andreas Hellstrand. “The company is in a prime location and produces good quality products. Gold Coast Feed already provides PPIEC, so we know the company and their services.

Gold Coast Feed. Photo: Helixstrand dressage

Competition Management and Streaming Provider

ShowGrounds (aka is a competition management and streaming provider for equestrian events in the United States and Canada. The company currently supports 17 major tournaments, among others, offering start-up lists, results and videos. Show Grounds Live has a media library of over 1 million videos and can accommodate up to 200,000 unique streaming users.

Expansion of digitization

“The Showgrounds operating system is a great fit for our team,” says Helkstrand. “We have already begun to expand the digitalization, and with the acquisition of Showgrounds we can take another big step in this area.

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Display grounds. Photo: Helixstrand dressage