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This is how Zeeland voted: Rooms are bigger, PvdA / GroenLinks improvements, Forum makes its appearance |  Municipal elections Schouwen-Duiveland

This is how Zeeland voted: Rooms are bigger, PvdA / GroenLinks improvements, Forum makes its appearance | Municipal elections Schouwen-Duiveland

Local parties in most municipalities have done good business throughout Zeeland. List links of GroenLinks and PvdA worked well in Middelburg and Goes. The forum for democracy was established in all the four municipalities in which the party first participated. This is how New Zealand voted in yesterday’s municipal elections.

The new coalition GroenLinks / PvdA has won a landslide victory in the elections in Middleburg. The local party should give up the Middleburg presence.

Local parties are once again dominating Vlissingen City Council. The Souburg-Ritthem party has re-emerged as the largest party with 5 seats since the election. The Municipal Council will soon be reduced to 13 political groups.

The new party, Hardwire Weere, won 3 seats and sealed the Weir City Council. The SGP has emerged as the largest party with 4 seats.

Some changes in Halstin’s Municipal Council. General Interest Crude Hulst has again won 7 seats and emerged as the largest party. CDA (4), Groot Hontenisse Hulst (3), PvdA (2) and HulstPlus (2) will also retain their seats. Newcomers D66 and Forum for Democracy took a place.

The Slois city council was the first to announce an interim decision. Local Slois has become the biggest party there, following which VVD went a little farther.

In the coming years the largest municipal council in Zeeland will become the least: Terneuzen. Again there are thirteen parties in the Municipal Council. Again the TOP / Municipality is huge.

The current coalition in Koz has lost a majority. The CDA, which was the largest party four years ago, lost one seat and won four. The newly created PvdA and GroenLinks emerged as big winners.

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VVD is by far the largest party in the cabal. But the party is losing ground. That seat goes to the three-seater SGP, VVD and Gemeentebelang.

Noord-Bevelands Belang (NBB) is again the largest party in North-Beveland. The NBB retains four seats at the preliminary end. CDA loses one place and PvdA / GroenLinks only wins one place.

The local party Borsley (LPP) has won the council election in Borsley. The opposition defeated the coalition parties SGP / CU and CDA in a neck and neck race, which came as a bit of a surprise to the huge success of the local people.

Smiling faces at party leaders Morton Both (SGP) and Marion Weststreet (Liveable Reimerswaal). Their parties gained more seats than they did four years ago, so SGP rose to 8 and Leaf 4 to Rimorswall Council.

Both SGP and ABT won in one place. The SGP has 7 seats, making it the largest division in the Thou Council. The other parties are stable.

The LSD is by far the largest party in Schouwen-Duiveland, retaining 6 seats; CDA follows at a distance of 3 seats.

The map below shows the final results of your municipality. Click Municipality to see the turnout.