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Android Auto app for smartphones disappeared in Android 12

Android Auto app for smartphones disappeared in Android 12

Do you use Android Auto regularly? Then it is important to know that Google will stop using the Android Auto smartphone app. Read here how it is.

Read on after the announcement.

Android Auto app for smartphones disappears

One of the great features of Android Auto The is that you can also make excellent use of the software if you don’t have an infotainment system in your car. The service works well on smartphones and is included as standard Android 10 and latest processed. If you have an old phone, you should use the separate Android Auto app. This app is called “Android Auto for smartphones” and it can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Android Auto for phone screens

Google LLC

Google late to the site 9to5Google Be aware that it will partially discontinue the Android Auto smartphone app. Android 12The major update to be released soon ensures that users are automatically “transferred” to Driving Mode in the Google Assistant. This feature is a standard part of Android 12 and contains all the functionality of the Android Auto app.

Android Auto app for smartphones has stopped

In a statement, Google mentioned that Driving Mode will become the default way to use Android Auto on a smartphone. If your phone hasn’t received the Android 12 update or if you have an older device, not much will change for now. The app will still be available to users of older Android versions.

More about Android Auto

Android Auto is Google’s proprietary operating system for in-vehicle infotainment systems. You connect your smartphone to the car, and the Android Auto screen appears on a larger screen. You can then use all kinds of apps, such as Google Maps, Spotify, and WhatsApp. also Google Assistant It was woven into Android Auto.

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With Android Auto, you get almost the same experience, but on the smaller screen of your device. At the bottom there are three big buttons to start navigating, calling someone or listening to music and podcasts with, for example, Spotify and YouTube Music. In the list there is another shortcut to the Play Store, where applications that support Android Auto are grouped.

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