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The new Sonic game trailer was too early

The new Sonic game trailer was too early

The announcement of the new Sonic the Hedgehog title two months ago was too early. Takashi Izuka tells this in an interview.

During the real Sonic the Hedgehog show, it was all about the famous blue hedgehog. the sonic central stream It taught us that we are working on Sonic Origins and on Sonic Color: Ultimate, with the latest release already in September. Finally, the show concluded with a teaser for New 3D Sonic gamewhose official name is not yet known. Izuka points out that the announcement was premature. The reason for this is that they haven’t announced anything to the fans since the announcement of Sonic Forces. Due to Blue Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, Iizuka and his friends couldn’t miss the opportunity to announce a new 3D Sonic game. Below you can see the teaser that was displayed at that time.

So for now, we don’t have to expect much news about the Sonic game. The working title Sonic 2022 points to a release sometime next year. Since Iikuza notes that the announcement was premature, the game will likely be released sometime in late 2022.

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