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Androidworld's new podcast: Tech in Five

Androidworld’s new podcast: Tech in Five

Recession means regression. This is why at Androidworld we come up with new things every now and then and one of them is Tech In Five. Read on to find out what Tech In Five is.

What is Tech in Five?

Tech in five It is a brand new podcast from Androidworld and in this podcast we bring you the latest technology news every working day around 5pm. So from Monday to Friday. We’ll do it in just five minutes. Perfect for listening in between, whether in the train or car on the way home, on the bike with your friends, or just at home on the sofa. There is always a gap in your busy schedule to hear the latest Tech In Five news.

Who are the hosts?

These are Sebastianjelly And the dim

Where can I listen to Tech In Five?

You can listen to new podcasts from Androidworld on almost every platform. through it google podcastAnd Spotify, Apple, Deezer, and many more. You can also download episodes and listen to them offline at your leisure. You can find all platforms on This technology in five pages on Android World. Save that page! And don’t forget to leave comments on the platforms where you listen to Tech in Five. You can also do it in the comments at the bottom of this article. Until next!

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