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Only iPhone 14 Pro models get a better screen design

Only iPhone 14 Pro models get a better screen design

Apple has plans to finally get rid of that bad grade. At least, if you like the Pro models of the iPhone 14.

The current iPhone design has been around for a good number of years. Well, since the iPhone 12, rounded shapes have given way to angular ones, but the screen with few bezels and a big notch at the top has been around since the iPhone X in 2017. In 2022 we can see iPhone 14 Expect it will be different in the end.

Contraceptive pills

Apple has downgraded the iPhone 13, but hasn’t removed it yet. The iPhone can’t easily get a punch-hole camera like competitors, because the notch also contains the sensors necessary for FaceID. There is a different design on the table for the iPhone 14. It is a kind of “pill” that floats in the form of a small black bar on top of the screen. These are the FaceID sensors. Next to this pill is a punch-hole camera, which is, of course, a selfie camera. Apple can finally get rid of that nasty notch and the iPhone will finally take extra advantage of the design as the screen is the full size of the phone.

Pro only

There is a “but”. In terms of lineup, the iPhone 14 will be the same as the 13 and 12: four versions, of which are small (iPhone 13 Mini) and large (iPhone 13), but also Pro small and large (13 Pro and 13 Pro top). DSCC’s Ross Young said the expectation now is that non-professional models will only retain the desired shape and the pill-ion design will be reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Sad, but also understandable.

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As always, we can expect the iPhone 14 series towards the end of the year and information is slowly pouring in about how and what. For example, the phone will have a back where the cameras are no longer on an island, just like the new Samsung S22 as well.