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Angry Britney Spears refuses to see her mother, Lynne, a celebrity

Angry Britney Spears refuses to see her mother, Lynne, a celebrity

FamousBritney Spears (39) does not feel like seeing her mother Lynne Spears (66). Not even after the latter flew from Louisiana to Los Angeles to make up for her daughter. “She’s angry with her,” says Page Six of America.

Earlier this week, news broke that Britney Spears is planning to… to sue her father abused and her mother must not hope for an immediate reconciliation. When Lynne Spears flew from Louisiana to Los Angeles to visit her daughter, Britney refused to let her in.

According to various sources, the pop singer believes that her mother ruined her life by agreeing to her entire receivership. “A few weeks before the end of the order, Lynn flew to Los Angeles to reconcile with her daughter,” a source told Page Six. Apparently Britney just wasn’t waiting for her mom to visit. Britney didn’t even let her into her house. That’s how angry she is. Lynn tried to come for several days, but Britney didn’t want to know about it.”

Legal costs

It has been known for some time that Britney Spears and her mother Lynne Spears do not get along. The singer had previously accused her mother of cheating on social media. “My father, Jimmy Spears, may have started guardianship, but it was my mother who gave him the idea.” In addition, the pop star also said, “You secretly ruined my life. So don’t act like you have no idea what’s going on, because you know very well what you did.”

To make matters worse, Lynne Spears filed another court filing earlier this month. The singer’s mother asks in court documents to pay about $650,000 in legal costs. According to Lynne, it is up to her daughter Britney to pay the costs because her lawyers helped give the pop singer her freedom.

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