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The Queen, who suffers from back pain, has a message that reads: '...

The Queen, who suffers from back pain, has a message that reads: ‘…

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was unable to attend the general synod, the general assembly of the Church of England, due to back problems. She commissioned her youngest son, Prince Edward, to read a personal letter focusing on the rapid passing of time.

The Queen also spoke of the late Prince Philip, who she was to marry for 74 years on Saturday. “It is hard to believe that it has been more than 50 years since Prince Philip and I attended the first meeting of the General Synod. No one can delay the passage of time. Although we often focus on everything that has changed in recent years, not much has changed.

It is the first time in 51 years that Queen Elizabeth has not attended the general synod. Earlier, the 95-year-old Queen’s absence also happened Sunday memory Growing concerns about her health. “Her Majesty the Queen is disappointed in her absence from the service,” the palace said in a statement on Sunday.


According to a source at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s recent back problems have nothing to do with her hospitalization last month. According to many observers of royalty, Elizabeth II is not at all ill, but very exhausted. “They’ve been so reliable over the years that we assume they will continue to appear…this is just a 95-year-old wake-up call already,” said connoisseur and author Robert Hardman.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last Sunday night that he had seen the Queen in the previous week and wanted to reassure the public that she was fine. “I saw the Queen last week, on Wednesday in Windsor, and she is doing very well,” he told reporters.

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