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Annona de Wever regrets tweeting about Gert Verholst: “Eh…

Annona de Wever regrets tweeting about Gert Verholst: “Eh…


Annona de Wever spoke on Twitter about a message she previously posted. In it, climate activist Gert Verholst called an “old white heterochromia,” but that caused more fanfare than I expected.

Climate activist Annona de Wever took to social media on Sunday against Geert Verholst, who, according to her, is downplaying the climate crisis and has no knowledge of the matter. Verhulst previously said in an interview that she stripped Greene and that her climate rallies were a poisoned gift. However, the fact that De Wever called the Studio 100 boss a “straight old white man” didn’t sit well with many.

The climate activist decided to respond to the hype around the letter, “not to stir up controversy but just to calm it down.”

“A discussion about someone shouldn’t be done on Twitter,” de Wever wrote. “A lesson for me. We all say things out of frustration and anger. I admire those who are freed from that.”

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Read the full tweet below:

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