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Rumor: Quantic Dream is working on Star Wars – Gaming – News

Quantic Dream developer, known for Detroit: Become Human, is rumored to be working on a Star Wars game in collaboration with Disney. The game has been in development for eighteen months. The studio has long been with Sony, but has been independent since 2020.

French YouTuber Guttos, former gaming journalist, took out first Quantic Dream is said to be working with Disney. Tom Henderson Writes on DualShockers that he spoke to a source who knows more about her; who claims that the studio has been working on a Star Wars game for Disney for about eighteen months. Objective details about the game are unknown.

since last year Quantic Dream is an independent studio. The French developer said it plans to publish the games itself in order to maintain its freedom and independence. If the studio was working on a Star Wars game, the company would have made a deal with Disney, which holds the rights. It is also possible that there will be a collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

Start this year Disney has revived the Lucasfilm Games name, to create new Star Wars games in collaboration with other studios. This is possible due to the expiration of a ten-year contract between Art Electronics and Disney. Until 2023, EA has the exclusive right to release Star Wars games.

Several Star Wars games have already been announced this year that have been developed with publishers other than EA. like him Ubisoft working on Star Wars open world game. This game is made by Massive Entertainment, the studio behind Tom Clancy’s The Division. Aspyr Media is working on a Star Wars Remake: Knights of the Old Republic. Sony is also involved; The game is designed for PC and as a temporary console except on PlayStation 5.

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Quantic Dream was founded in 1997 and has gained fame over the past decade thanks to a partnership with Sony with games like Heavy Rain from 2010, Beyond: Two Souls from 2013 and Detroit: Become Human from 2018. The studio has been funded by Sony for 12 years And released during that period, the games were released exclusively for PlayStation consoles. This exclusivity ended in 2019 And the latest studio games for PC were released as well.

Detroit Become Human, PlayStation 4