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Annona de Wever responds to the uproar: 'I was angry and tweeted an oversimplified message'

Annona de Wever responds to the uproar: ‘I was angry and tweeted an oversimplified message’

On Sunday, De Wever described Verhulst as “a straight old white man who totally downplays the climate crisis and gives an opinion on something he has absolutely no knowledge of.” I replied to that An interview in which Verholst argued against her. He accused her of “picking” the green in the previous elections and that her climate rallies were a “poisoned gift” to the party.

De Wever’s statement came in the wrong direction for many, including Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration Sami Mahdi (CD&V). “Intolerance comes in many forms. Can we stop limiting a person’s opinion to age, skin color, sexual orientation, and gender? Is this so hard?”

Open Vld President Egbert Lachaert also participated in the discussion. Advice (even if it comes)from editor.Straight white man, I deeply apologize for that): Focus on the substantive discussion. Personal attacks will not improve the climate.”

“bad message”

Now De Wever himself responds to the uproar, “not to stir up controversy, but to calm it down.” On Twitter, she admitted that her quick swipe at Verhulst could be more subtle. “I was angry. For the umpteenth time, I had to take something unanswered, and ‘Don’t let it get to my heart.’ As a result, I tweeted an oversimplified message on a topic much larger than the Twitter discussion. Do I think this topic is appropriate? Yes Indeed. But this was the wrong way and time to wear it.”

“This is of course much more general and much larger than a response to a single article,” continues de Wever. “This is about privilege and responsibility and it’s a very important topic that isn’t talked about enough. But this discussion shouldn’t revolve around someone on Twitter. A lesson for me. We all say things out of frustration and anger. I admire those who are freed from it. As a result, he started A very different, simplified discussion of something I have not mentioned at all.”