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Annoyed on Instagram?  shake your phone

Annoyed on Instagram? shake your phone

You want to put your shoes on, but there’s a giant knot in the laces you’re trying to untie. Meanwhile, the minutes are ticking. Annoyed, you throw your phone away. Argh! Instagram wants you to do the same if you have such feelings on social media. You can shake your phone to report something.

shook anger

CEO Adam Mosseri (known for declaring that Social media is like cars, so sometimes people dieDeclare that you can “get rid of anger” on your own. In short, hold your phone well and shake it vigorously. Hopefully, it will help you get rid of some of what’s bothering you, but most of all, it will help you put an end to what is making you feel this way. If you shake your phone this way when the app is not working properly, a popup will appear saying Did something go wrong? (Did something go wrong?) in the photo. You can then determine what is not working properly.

It’s not about reporting objectionable content, it’s just about the app not working well. For example, for a while, dark mode didn’t work well on all phones, sometimes resulting in texts not loading at all (or not showing up, rendering black on black). It also happens regularly that you post something and that a black area appears instead of your photo, this is also something that you can report by shaking.

Instagram app

Now Instagram probably won’t take immediate action on this, but reporting is always a good idea. You can also indicate how you feel about the error in the app, and then Instagram prioritizes some issues based on those feelings, Mosseri says. Isn’t it always frustrating when an app doesn’t work properly? Anyway, it’s a fun new way to do something else that’s very simple. It is a pity that it is currently only available on iOS and may not yet be available in the Netherlands.

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Instagram Also announced that it will finally be possible to remove an image from a thread. Have you built a beautiful carousel in your timeline using, say, 8 photos of your dog, but is there a dirty sock in one photo? No problem, you can simply remove it later without the entire production disappearing and you have to put everything back in again.

Remove pictures from the series

You can do this by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right (the three dots) and then clicking Edit (or Edit), deleting the image you no longer want to see in your carousel, and then there will be another image just to make sure From the delete icon on the screen from which you can confirm that you really want to delete that photo.

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