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What AirPods do I own?  This is how you can check it in 4 steps

What AirPods do I own? This is how you can check it in 4 steps

Five types of AirPods are now available. So it can be difficult to distinguish between different earplugs. Fortunately, figuring it out isn’t that difficult. What AirPods do I own? Right, that’s it!

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What AirPods do I own?

AirPods: They are now an indispensable part of the Apple range. Back in 2017, when the first version of the popular in-ear headphones came out, they were mocked, but at the end of the day, Apple was laughing the loudest. AirPods are now one of the most important revenue sources. That’s why Apple regularly releases a new version.

Where it started in 2017 with the first AirPods, we’ve now come to the third generation. In between, Apple has also released AirPods 2, the more expensive AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, a high-quality headphone.

Since the differences between some models are quite small, it is best to look at the model number to check your AirPods. This is how we do it:

Can’t figure it out completely? The model number is also printed on the AirPods themselves. You’ll find this on the first line of text printed at the bottom of each earbud. Are you wearing AirPods Max? Then the model number is under the left earbud. However, there is only one type of AirPods Max, so there is no doubt about which one you have.

check it out

Did you notice your AirPods model number? Then it comes to finding them in the list below.

Check the charging case

AirPods are powered by placing them in a charging case. Just as there are different types of earplugs, Apple also sells all kinds of charging boxes.

Basically, these all do the same thing – charge your AirPods – but some versions have wireless charging. So you can power it up via MagSafe, for example, and it doesn’t require a wired connection.

You can find the model number of the AirPods charging case on the bottom of the box. You can then look it up again in the table:

Issuance Model number Wireless charging? year of application
MagSafe Charging Case for AirPods 3 A2566 And 2021
MagSafe Charging Case for AirPods Pro A2190 And 2021
AirPods Pro charging case A2190 the new 2019
Wireless Charging Case for AirPods (2) A1938 the new 2019
Lightning Charging Case For AirPods (2) A1602 the new 2017

You can also see the outside of the charging case whether it can be charged wirelessly or not. Models that can do this have an LED light on the front. AirPods charging cases without this option do not have this light.

Latest AirPods

We had to wait a long time for that, but in 2021 Apple released the third generation AirPods. The new earbuds are similar in design to AirPods Pro and also in terms of functionality, some things are “borrowed”. You can read (or consider) how you like the AirPods 3 and whether earplugs are recommended in our review.

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