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Anti-ddos NaWas service became available in Belgium through an agreement with BelgiumIX – Computer – News

National Wash Street against DDoS attacks, or NaWas, will be made available to Belgian customers in this online exchange through cooperation with BelgiumIX. NaWas was founded by the Dutch organization NBIP.

From now on, BelgiumIX customers can really Send traffic via NaWas, which filters the traffic and sends it to BelgiumIX servers. For example, customers can go online again minutes after the attack ends, even if the same attack continues. Internet Exchange Works BelgiumIX With ten data centers In Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and others. NaWas via BelgiumIX doesn’t cost anything extra for “small operators,” the internet exchange says.

NaWas is a service provided by the Dutch National Administration Organization Internet Providers, or NBIP, and has been offered to Dutch service providers since 2014. The idea of ​​NaWas is that individual service providers do not have to implement combating DDOs themselves, which usually comes at a high cost. Instead, the NaWas take care of this.

In September, Tucker spoke with NBIP Director Octavia de Werdt. in that interview De Weerdt has already indicated that he wants to expand NaWas to more European countries. At that time, there were already contacts with the stock exchange in Turin and London. Last year, NaWas handled 1,600 attacks; In the last quarter there were attacks of more than 300 Gbit / s.

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