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Ryanair O'Leary chief doesn't want 'stupid anti-foulings' on his plane

Ryanair O’Leary chief doesn’t want ‘stupid anti-foulings’ on his plane

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary prefers not to see people who haven’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus on board. This is what he said in the British newspaper Telegraph.

O’Leary does not support a compulsory vaccination programme, as is currently the case in Germany and Austria. Instead, he says, governments should make life difficult for people who refuse the vaccine without good reason. “If you haven’t been vaccinated, you shouldn’t be in hospital, you shouldn’t be flying, you shouldn’t be on the London Underground, and you shouldn’t go into your local supermarket or pharmacy,” he said.

The omikron variant of the coronavirus has cast a significant shadow over the aviation sector’s recovery prospects, among other things. A new wave of restrictions is causing travelers to cancel or postpone reservations. The newspaper said O’Leary expects Ryanair to carry 10 percent of passengers in December as a result.

Ryanair made headlines earlier this week when the airline used its Twitter account to mock British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over alleged Christmas parties. The image listed the government’s response to the coronavirus warning levels, which range from a “small gathering with wine and cheese” to a “rave”.

O’Leary was Volgens telegraph Do not regret this work. “You get promoted with us if you bother Johnson and his half-baked idiots,” he said. He also criticized the British government for “spreading panic” around the Omicron variable, saying “other European countries do not appear to have the same concerns”. “The result of these statements is that people may have fewer flights over the Christmas period.”

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