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Antwerp are up 27 out of 27 after quick goals, but Syring still makes a game | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

The authoritarian leader against a sick landing candidate. Easy anticipation in advance. With dominant and beautiful football at times, it seemed easy for Antwerp at first to overtake Syring.

Barely 7 minutes into the match went before Alderweireld hit his leg in the first corner of the match and headed home. Fifteen minutes later, we began to wonder how much difference there was.

Alderweireld found Janssen’s chest with a long bobbin that reached Gerkens. His shot passed through Janssen’s heel after Desperate Ditch.

Ekkelenkamp came close to scoring with a superb free kick over the crossbar, in what looked like a convincing victory.

But that was counted without Mandelmadji and Bernier. The first shot was blocked, but he saw the second pick it up and shoot it past Botez across the far post.

The goal, just before the break, seemed to inject tension into the match, but nothing happened. After coffee, Antwerp started off well with the flashy duo Ekkelenkamp-Miyoshi.

Antwerp then allowed the away team to enter the match in a controlled fashion and have been busy ahead for the top spot in the past. It almost became dangerous for Syring along Bernier, but it was no more than one or two corners in it.

Antwerp still shot, but the balls in the Janssen and Stings stands were the meager result.

Antwerp has shown that he can be creative, but above all he can fall back into a very strong structure. She now has 27 of 27 in 9 days of Jupiler Pro League matches. Syringe teeters on the abyss.

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Vincent Janssen (Antwerp): “In the end, this is not a good match on our part. We went backwards to avoid a 2-2 confrontation. That’s not what we really want. Now, thanks to the international break, we can rest after 15 games, it’s empty. We can continue.”

Peter Jerkins (Antwerp): (About his ‘goal’ attributed to Vincent Janssen) “I’m glad he finally got it. For him, it’s more important mentally, so I’m happy in that sense that we won and that I was able to contribute something.”

Abdullah Sylla (Siraeng): “It is our fourth game against a big team and we are making progress, the coach explained to us after the match against Club Brugge. Little by little we have more confidence in our game and our block as a team. We will lose today, but we are trying to look at it as a motivation, the competition is far from over.”

Mark van Bommel (Antwerp): “The first half, even the goal against him, is probably one of our best halves so far. Then it’s like a lot this season: the boys can fight. That’s the quality of this team, but I’ve been playing it as a coach I just want you to decide faster. You have to make it 3- 1. The winning streak is live in the locker room. If you win nine times in a row, it’s not normal.”

Jose Junichamp (Syring): “We are disappointed, but there are very interesting things to learn from this match. Especially in the second half, with some tactical adjustments, we were a strong opponent match. We have to maintain that mood, that will and that confidence in matches against teams of our ‘level’. We now have a very important 15 days to put everything in place. There is work to be done and then the derby will follow.”

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