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Antwerp ICT company pays 250,000 euros ransom to internet companies...

Antwerp ICT company pays 250,000 euros ransom to internet companies…

Antwerp-based ITxx paid US$300,000 (over €250,000) in ransom to cybercriminals who shut down the company’s computer systems earlier this month. The ICT resource reported this on its website on Sunday.

The company’s customers should “get to work again soon,” says director Philip Van Kouenberg. About sixty small and medium-sized businesses have been unable to access their data or backups since Friday, July 2, due to a hack that seriously disrupted their operations.

According to Van Cauwenbergh, paying the ransom was the only way to solve the problems. The amount was paid in bitcoin, and after negotiation, it would have been much less than the initially requested ransom. against VRT News He says the hack was done using Conte’s hacking software, which is suspected to be behind Russian hackers.

ITxx was investigated for the ransomware attack by a specialized company, and they concluded that no customer data was stolen during the cyber attack. The hack was not part of the cyberattack that launched thousands of companies around the world in early July, including ، 800 Swedish supermarket, helpless.

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