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Antwerp is leider af: Zulte Waregem staat op uit de doden en boekt eerste thuiszege van het seizoen

Antwerp is the leader: Zolt Vargem rose from the dead and …

When good Antwerp went into the international break, it came out really bad. The Great Old 2-1 went to the boat Saturday night at Zulte Waregem, which is in crisis. The first act was entirely dedicated to visitors, who took the lead via Benson. Hard-line Johar Isefi staged a protest against Dory, but eventually won with Raymont Latif from his team after the break.

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Four substitutions in Antwerp, no less than six substitutions in Zolte Waregem. Both teams started the game with nothing but the same starting lineups as in their last game before the international break. Dory and Brisky, however, had other arguments for intervening. Essevee only got 1 of 12, and his heavyweight lost 5-1 to PhD student Seraing the day before. Antwerp put 15 out of 15 against it. He replaced Yousef Nainggolan, who was slightly injured. Brisk also bathed in luxury. In this way he was able to spread the returning Baliquicha.

Essevee fans split

Antwerp cornered the ball against ailing Zolt Wargheim, who camped in their own half for almost the entire first half. However, visitors find the place regularly. Joseph kicked, and Baliquicha made his turn wide open. After fifteen minutes of play, the home team’s heart appeared behind Bosut’s goal. And in protest to demand Douri’s resignation, they also saw lighting bombs and smoke bombs set off in the square.

Confidence in Isefi waned even more now, especially when Benson released himself and hit a great place ball. Banners reading “Dury outside” and “Keep it up to yourself” were raised. Before kick-off, the “Hero to Zero” and “Stop Hostage Mode” messages can also be read. It has prompted Antwerp’s visitors section to make a heart for Douri, a gesture that could count on appreciation from many of the home’s supporters. Proof that the split among Essevee fans is great.

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Meanwhile, the match continued normally, and Botha had to stop the fight early. The Portuguese fell badly after a free kick, despite no prior contact. The Antwerp team tried to poke several times after 0-1, but often made the wrong decision. When Sarafi was given space to come out with a strike at halftime, he hesitated for a long time to play. A symptom of his and his teammates’ crisis of form. Halfway switch was his share.

Antwerp lose control after the break

At the beginning of the second chapter we saw the same match, and Frey missed the opportunity to determine the match. Pletinex saved the Golden Bull from the thirteenth goal. Zulte Waregem was still alive, and in fact took the lead. Jano headed first to Botiz. When Jano’s breath outstripped Frey in a corner kick, the Antwerp goalkeeper was beaten. The equalizer did not stop there, because Kutesa completed the turn after a powerful blow. A little earlier, Vossen also hit the crossbar with a shot.

Prisk couldn’t believe what he saw, and stepped in by dropping Miyoshi and Aaron into the squad. Bosot fired the latter with a good long shot. However, it was Zolt Vargem who was still looking for a third target. Vossen shot twice at Botiz, hitting Janu off the post. It stayed at 2-1, which means Antwerp sees the end of its winning streak after five straight wins. Dory, who sang loudly, scored three important points with his men.