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Here the Russian actor returned safely from space - NRK Urix

Here the Russian actor returned safely from space – NRK Urix

parsley Went to the movie date on October 5 When she and Shipenko went into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome to record parts of “The Challenge.”

Twelve days later, Shepenko and veteran cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky safely landed on the steppes of Kazakhstan, and everything was solemnly celebrated with a large crowd of journalists and many people in attendance.

Peresild and Gibenko smiled and waved to those present, seeming to be in great shape after the arduous journey.

Peresild, Novitsky and Shipenko on the plains of Kazakhstan after landing. All three should be fine.

Photo: AP

The first feature film in space

Movies were previously shot in the room, but there were no plays. Until now, space movies have been pure documentaries like “Beautiful Planet” and “Hubble”. They are based on movie clips made by astronauts.

Peresild and Sjipenko scored enough material to fill 35 to 40 minutes of the film. The plot is that an astronaut on the space station becomes seriously ill, but is unstable enough to return to Earth for treatment.

Peresild and Sjipenko aboard the International Space Station (ISS) with cosmonaut Anton Sekaplerov right.

Photo: AP

Surgeon Xenia (Peresild) has been trained to travel to space in record time. There she will perform complex heart surgery on the sick astronaut.

That role is played by Nowitzki, who also returned to Earth on Sunday evening. In addition, the seven astronauts and other astronauts still aboard the International Space Station were extras during filming.

It ends up in the movie

The landing on Earth has also been documented by a camera crew and will also appear in the film itself, according to AFP.

The filming sparked controversy in Russia. The Russian state contributes to spacecraft, missiles, logistics and training. These are resources that could have been used for other things in the Russian space programme.

Roscosmos supports production for several reasons. The administration believes that the film will motivate young people to become astronauts, that the space program will get a lot of publicity, and that the actual performance of the film is a realistic exercise to send people into space quickly.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise is also planning to shoot a movie aboard the International Space Station, in collaboration with NASA and SpaceX, Elon Musk. When this will happen is currently unknown.