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ANWB Reisopmaat is now available in 17 new locations

Your own journey, the way you want it. ANWB recently launched a new travel platform: ANWB Reisopmaat. A tool for creating your perfect journey independently on a site. Route and flight, up to accommodation and car rental. And reliably you are accustomed to from ANWB.

From Croatia to Costa Rica

ANWB Reisopmaat is now available for 17 additional locations. Inside and outside Europe. Our travel experts have carefully selected the most beautiful routes and highlights for you. Choose from over 100 different sample modes and customize them to your liking.

For example, a new route through the Jordanian Wonderful World via the Dead Sea and desert city of Petra. Or a route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem through Israeli highlights. Connect the two countries? This is also possible with Reisopmaat.

See all sample ways

Create your own journey instantly

Will you start uniting yourself immediately? On the interactive world map you will find more than 1250 inspirational insights into beautiful landscapes, fascinating cities and other special places in your favorite country.

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New places

ANWB Reisopmaat is now available in Costa Rica, England, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Croatia, Malaysia, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Namibia, Norway, Scotland, Thailand, Czech Republic, Wales and Sweden.

By October 2021, the ANWB Reisopmaat had already introduced inspiration and examples to Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, the United States, South Africa and Switzerland.

Keep an eye on the ANWB Reisopmaat website for the latest improvements. You can look forward to many more example ways and inspiration in the future!

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