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Van Hanekem or Flood Match: New Zealand is also mentioned in the new football canon

Visers presents the 231-page book in the living room of a sick Jup van der Lon in Oosterland. Van der Lan can no longer speak, but he can still read a book. He carefully reads a colorful book full of photos, events and stories. “We not only want to put real football hits in the book, but also put a lot of fun stuff. For example, singing Andre Hayes’ songs or storing football pictures during matches. Football is really a culture in the Netherlands, we tried. To catch it in the book,” Wieser explains.

Highlights of Dutch football

Wisers co-authored the book with four reporters. Gentlemen are football fanatics, but they have missed a book that combines all the highlights of Dutch football. That’s why they took things into their own hands and wrote the canon: “I am now creating a way to personally hand over the book to interested people via the Netherlands,” says Wieser.

William of Hanegam

One of those interested was Jup van der Lon. Zeeland therefore plays a role in the book: “Seland is unfortunate, some people live there and it lags behind the larger provinces in terms of football. He’s one of the best players and a major figure in the book. “

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