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Apartment owner arrested for stealing money from a tenant - Dagblad Suriname

Apartment owner arrested for stealing money from a tenant – Dagblad Suriname

The Suriname Police Corps reported on Saturday evening, August 28, that M.

A foreigner filed a complaint against the owner on Monday 23 August. The declarant stated that from July 15 to August 15 he stayed in one of Martin’s apartment rooms in exchange for a payment of 750 Saudi riyals. After the lease term expired, a quarrel arose between the foreigner and the owner.

The tenant left indoors on Wednesday 18th August with his girlfriend. During his absence, a witness noticed that the owner of the apartment had entered the alien’s space. When the landlord went out again, he put another lock on the door to the room occupied by the tenant.

The witness informed the tenant of this by telephone, and then returned to the city on the evening of August 23. Upon arriving at the apartment, the tenant saw that he could not enter his room due to a different lock being placed on the door. The parties could not reach an agreement, after which the Geyersvlijt police were called.

After that, the foreigner managed to enter his rented place and found out that a large amount of money had been stolen from him. The tenant immediately reported this to the Munder Police Department. After being summoned, the owner stepped forward and was immediately arrested.

After consulting with the Public Prosecution Office, the police detained M.

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