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This makes the mobile home the ideal workplace for Digital Nomad

This makes the mobile home the ideal workplace for Digital Nomad

Work wherever you want. The term “Digital Nomad” is fully updated. Autovisie previously spoke on the Vanlife series with people who don’t have a permanent place to live or work and live in a camper. Now Sunlight is making a special table for this lifestyle.

It is not surprising that the manufacturer would like to produce this mobile home table at the present time. With housing shortages, rising house prices and an increase in home work due to the pandemic, young people in particular are looking for solutions.

Trolley table special for Digital Nomad

By way of a simple folding table, the Sunlight T68 has a real desk on board. Although being a “Digital Nomad” you only need a laptop, a chair and a table, the desk gives you more convenience at work.

digital nomad, camper
(Photo: Sunlight)

For example, it has additional sockets, you can wirelessly charge your mobile devices, there is space for a second screen and there is additional lighting so that you can also work in the evening. Due to the raised edge around the table, nothing can roll off the table and your digital workplace is separated from the rest of the mobile home.

digital nomad, camper
You can also customize this workplace yourself, but it’s Sunlight-ready. (Photo: Sunlight) (Photo: Sunlight)

Sunshine T68

In addition to work, there Sunlight T68 A cart, where the table should be turned over at the end, has enough space to relax. For example, you can cook in the small kitchen with sink and stove or take a shower in the complete shower separated from the toilet and sink.

It should also fit in the camper that the first Digital Nomad table should come in, but also in the hipper camper vans. (Photo: Wheelsage)

At the back of the carriage you will find two single beds with a small bedside table or an extra mattress in between. These beds are raised because there is extra storage space under the mattress.

The motorhome comes standard with a 2.2-liter Mjet engine from the Fiat Ducato. This four-cylinder makes 122 hp and should pull the 3,016 kg (with full tank) heavy-duty wagon.

Do it yourself!

You can also build a modern workplace in this powerful Unimog.

It remains to be seen if the schedule will actually be available in mobile homes, until then you can also create a Digital Nomad schedule for your mobile home.

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This makes the mobile home the ideal workplace for Digital Nomad

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