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“Apple advises US carriers to prepare for eSIM only phones” – Tablets and Phones – News

There is definitely a practical difference between an esim and a physical sim.

Example: KPN only gives the option to use esim immediately with a new subscription. However, this requires the use of the MijnKPN app to activate it.

Existing customers must receive an SMS code on their physical SIM card if they want to activate the esim. Without this additional authentication, it is also insecure and numbers are easy to hijack.

Additionally, no eSim is offered by any provider as prepaid.


– Prepayment is no longer an option
– Use of the MyKPN application is mandatory
– From the provider application Andere

For travelers, it extends even further, especially if you are traveling for a longer period, it is very normal to take a prepaid local SIM. If the iPhone only supports esim, this is no longer possible.


– On vacation in Thailand (for example), you can no longer buy a local SIM

And even if providers offer it in Thailand, it probably won’t be possible on prepaid. And even if you can, you can deactivate the Dutch sim.

Easy eSims exchange is not currently possible with any provider; And since there are no regulations obligating service providers to make this easy, I wouldn’t count on this becoming easy.

Unless regulated, you can count on the eSIM becoming a compelling way to become a locked provider again (or at least in a case where switching is so cumbersome that you end up paying for an expensive Thailand package instead of buying a prepaid Thai for €10) .

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I’m a big fan of Apple but only esim is a really big problem and if you don’t see it you haven’t thought about it enough (or you never travel outside the EU).

Other consequences:

– If your device is stolen or broken, you cannot easily put your SIM in an old phone and your service provider must first send a physical replacement
– If you are traveling and your phone is stolen or broken, you can’t buy a cheap device to plug in and you can’t get a physical SIM from your service provider: you won’t be able to access until you’re back in the Netherlands and a physical SIM can arrange or get a new esim-enabled phone


Other consequences:

esim support is a partnership between Apple and the carrier. In short: the provider cannot unilaterally get an esim working on the iPhone.

This means that Apple can actually decide which provider you can and can’t use on the iPhone.

So you can’t choose providers that don’t offer esim icbm apple then

Some of these issues can technically be resolved with better carrier support, and some are not. However, it will take at least 5-10 years before these issues are bridged nationally and you can easily get a prepaid e-card back in India.
Activation and referral to the local SIM can be done upon request. This is simply not possible yet and providers have no reason to implement it, so don’t rely on it soon.

I mean, we’ve only had cellular support for our Apple Watch since this year like the last country in the world. Then also very limited on T-Mobile only and one time on KPN.

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You’ll also get this with iPhones only, but worse.

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