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iCulture Favorite Products of 2021: MacBook Pro

iCulture Favorite Products of 2021: MacBook Pro

This last week of the year, we at iCulture took one last look at the last year. When doing so, we want 2021 Apple products Don’t let it pass. So we highlight our three favourites An appleProducts from 2021 out. Why is this product one of our favorites and how can Apple improve it in the future? Apple’s first favorite product of the year is MacBook Pro 2021Especially the 14-inch version.

Our favorites for 2021: the 14-inch MacBook Pro

In recent years, Apple’s focus has been on Mac A little dizzy. In particular, the MacBook ProThe series came under a lot of criticism after Apple turned it down in 2016. The keyboard was poor, the lack of ports created a jungle of dongles and it turned out that the Touch Bar wasn’t as popular as Apple had hoped. Apple rarely undoes drastic decisions from the past, but with the 2021 MacBook Pro, Apple is back on the right track. This is professional MacBook Users also love to see it.

What’s so good about that?

The first thing that makes us happy is the design of the latest MacBook Pro. Although it looks thicker than previous generations, we find the new plump style very charming. Although the MacBook Pro is not as angular and straight as for example the current one Iphone in a IPADIt fits better with the full range of Apple’s latest products. The new look of the MacBook Pro gives you the impression that you have a powerful machine in your hand.

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Aside from the design, we’re also impressed with the specs and screen. Apple is still in the midst of the transition from Intel chips to its own chips Apple siliconeWith the M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets, Apple is showing what it can do. The display is also impressive. He. She mini-LED The screen is of much higher quality than its predecessors and the thin bezels make it integrated into the design. In our opinion, the 14-inch model is the perfect compromise for portability and enough screen space to work on. I’ve been using a 15-inch MacBook Pro for years, because I thought the 13-inch was too small. So the 14 inch format is the perfect size for me.

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Why is this 2021 our favorite?

Apple has clearly listened to users with this MacBook Pro. Finally, the target group was central again, rather than Apple’s view of the MacBook Pro. An apple They finally retracted critical decisions, although they would never show it that way. The MacBook Pro 2021 is finally back for the professional user, after Apple spent years trying to make something no one really asked for.

What could be better?

Despite its many positive qualities, 2021 MacBook Pro Not perfect yet. For example, the screen is not 4K, and the notch (the notch at the top of the screen) is too big. Face ID It would have been a great addition, especially since the notch size actually contains quite a few sensors. Apple could also improve in some other areas, such as port specifications (HDMI 2.1 for example, instead of 2.0). What we also found unfortunate is that the camera does not support Center Stage. That would have been welcome in the age of video calling.

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