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'Apple app store policy is essential for security'

‘Apple app store policy is essential for security’

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, says there is currently an unacceptable amount of malware targeting the Mac operating system. It will now be worse than iOS on iPhones and iPads.

CNBS said the statement was part of Federigh’s testimony in Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple in the US. The game developer accuses Apple of abusing its dominance over the app store. The major developers are required to pay Apple 30 percent of the revenue. Epic also wants to provide alternative payment platforms, in order to circumvent the so-called “Apple tax”.

Policy needed for security

However, Apple claims that such a thing would harm the security of the system. Federighi points to macOS to prove this argument. There, users can install software from various sources, but macOS will thus be less secure as well. Apple was able to remove around 130 different malware from hundreds of thousands of infected Macs last year, according to the vice president. By comparison, only three types of malware could have been found on infected iPhones by 2020.

Federighi had indicated during his statement, according to CNBC, that Apple wanted to create a more secure system with iOS. Everything indicates that the goal was successful as well. A software engineer compares your Mac to a car that you can drive anywhere, even off the beaten track. To do this, however, you must have the correct skills and accept a degree of responsibility. However, iOS should be something that kids can safely use.

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European Commission versus Apple

Epic Games has also filed a lawsuit against Apple in the European Union. By the way, the developer is not the only company with problems in the course of events. For example, Spotify went to the European Commission in 2019 due to its app store policy. The music streaming service also complains about unfair competition from Apple’s own service. The committee has now indicated Behind the complaint is the complaint received from Spotify.

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