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Twitch is creating a hot tub category because you are all still kids about it

Apparently, the only thing that pisses a player off more than a woman in a revealing costume removed from the game is a woman in a revealing costume flocking to Twitch. Yes, Thomas Gamer’s hypothetical, Twitch Streamer has complained in recent months that women in bikinis have gotten more viewers than Call of Duty streams, and Twitch has finally responded to this stressful argument by basically saying, “No, fools, we’re blocking everyone again. Because it’s hot.

Well, well, the same thing that Twitch says in the new Article Is it this: “Although there are guidelines for sexually suggestive content, finding others looking sexy does not violate our rules, and Twitch will not take any enforcement action against women, or anyone in our agency, because of their perceived attractiveness.”

Now Twitch has one Swimming pools, hot tubs and beachesSo, if you want to see a bikini-clad woman talking to a Twitch Chat mostly, this is the place to go. (There are actually all sorts of agonizing memes, if that’s your speed Stream computer games Very good though. Kudos to the team there).

There are, for the record, over half a million viewers currently watching Grand Theft Auto V streams. There are around 23,000 people looking at the hot tub category.

The addition of this new category comes after model Amouranth, the hottest hot tub celebrity on Twitch, discovered earlier this week that Ads have been suspended on her channel. She did not receive any prior contact from Twitch before demonizing her.

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“At Twitch, brands have to decide when and where to show their ads,” says Twitch. “Today they can target or avoid specific content categories and report channels that do not meet their criteria. This means that in rare cases, Twitch suspends ads on the channel at the request of advertisers.”

“We should have warned affected broadcasters before this change happened. It was a mistake not to do so. We work with individual creators to address their specific situations and fix ads when necessary,” Twitch admits.

However, at present, the hot tub category aims in part to solve the advertiser’s problem, as “brands can subscribe to or exit from this category based on whether they suit their target audience, as is the case with everyone today.” “

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