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Apple bug: iPad Air 2024 appears to have a slower chip

Apple bug: iPad Air 2024 appears to have a slower chip

The 2024 iPad Air has a slower chip than Apple first claimed, misleading buyers. This is what happens.

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iPad Air 2024: A slower chip

It’s rare for Apple to make a careless mistake, but that’s exactly what happened this week. Although the iPad Air 2024 was advertised as an M2 chip with a 10-core video chip (GPU) at its introduction and in the weeks since, that now appears to be untrue. The iPad only has a 9-core GPU, which means about 10% slower graphics performance.

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Purchase advice

Apple has now tweaked the specifications on its website, but anyone who has already purchased the iPad Air 2024 will still feel a little cheated. Fortunately, the texts on the performance of the iPad Air (ibid.). Apple website), like the fact that it’s 25% faster than the M1 in the previous iPad Air, it’s true. So it’s mainly about the specifications on paper.

What happened?

Why Apple’s PR department doesn’t know how many GPU cores are in the 2024 iPad Air is a mystery. However, there is a high possibility that a last-minute change was made and was not communicated properly. Apple itself has not released anything about these circumstances.

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