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Apple: iPhone 13 does not support background noise – tablets and phones – news

Apple confirms that iPhone 13 models do not support the phone’s noise canceling function. This background noise reduction function was present on previous models such as the iPhone XS. It is not known why the feature is not there.

According to 9to5mac, this omission initially seemed like a bug, but the site now writes that Apple appears to have removed the functionality and does not consider it a problem. This is what the site is based on It is based in part on brief statements from Apple employees. For example, a reader has been hoping for an update to fix this problem for months, but it doesn’t seem to be coming. Apple told him that the feature is not available on iPhone 13. Apple support team reported 9to5mac that this information is correct and is not supported.

The telephone noise canceling function aims to reduce background noise during telephone conversations in the case when the user holds the receiver by his ear. This feature has a toggle on previous iPhone models to turn it on or off manually. The functionality can be found on older iPhone models under Accessibility and Audio Visuals. It is also intended to help users with hearing problems; The feature uses a microphone to filter out background noise so that these users can better understand conversation partners. So the function is not intended to improve the call quality for the other caller.

Earlier, post The user already knows Apple is aware of this. This user describes it as a major flaw and states that, for example, it causes problems with echo via CarPlay when talking between multiple iPhone 13 devices.

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With the iPhone series that came before the iPhone 13, the noise canceling function including the switch is still available, even if these phones are running iOS 15. The beta version of iOS 15.2 and iOS 15.3 did not change the support for this feature in iPhone 13 models. There are Sound isolation feature, but it only works with FaceTime.

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