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Speedrunner beats Sekiro in just 2 hours… blindfolded

Sekiru: Shadows die twice Difficult enough on its own, so imagine completing the entire game in a few hours. Oh, and you’re blindfolded the whole time. That’s the challenge Michris faced at the annual Awesome Games Done Quick event last weekend, and the resulting run was amazing. We’ve included the full run above, with the last time arriving at 2 hours and 35 seconds.

Watch with disbelief how Michris destroy some of the most powerful title bosses without even being able to see – some encounters completely without causing any damage. It’s a really impressive display of both skill and knowledge, requiring you to know how to take out an opponent quickly and exactly how much to press a button to unlock an upgrade in the skill tree at the same time. The only thing Michris has to rely on is his own voice and knowledge.

according to Mitchell’s YouTube channelThe streaming device has been trying this feat for the past five months or so. And while his AGDQ completion time looks incredibly impressive, he was even able to get the job done faster blindfolded. about three weeks ago, Michris ran blindfolded in 1 hour 52 minutes. Without blindfolds, he can beat the game in about 20 minutes.

AGDQ is now one year away, but this was the biggest event to date, raising $3,416,729 for the Prevent Cancer charity. It is officially the largest sum the event has ever raised.