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Apple pulls Shareplay from iOS beta and delays release – tablets and phones – news

So it standardizes the update process, making it redundant and less error-prone. It also means defining what the standard workflow looks like with developers. Your task as an administrator will then be much easier: no longer do operational work in every release, but think about how to facilitate that speed without sacrificing downtime.

More errors mean that the tests that are performed are not enough. This is not the result of agile work, but the result of poor quality or outdated work. A problem to be solved, because lower speed is not the answer to achieving business goals.

On the subject: Apple announced this feature, considering that it would be technically able to do so. Now it’s more difficult than expected and they just don’t bring it up. Some will feel they announced it too soon, and others will be happy that they stick to their own quality standards. Personally, I’m a bit in the middle, but in this case also because the post was something I saw myself using. Otherwise, I will be in the last group : NS

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