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Apple still chooses the name iPhone 13 despite myths

Apple still chooses the name iPhone 13 despite myths

Update July 5, 2021: Apple still likes to stick with the ‘iPhone 13’ name. Sources in the supply chain told the Economic Daily News. usually choose an Apple Every two years for an upgrade s, the design remains the same but improvements have been made, especially on the interior. But this is not always the case: for example, from iPhone 8 and the iPhone 11 There is no copy. this year an Apple You immediately want to be numbered from 12 to 13.

Here is our previous article from June 27, including our naming poll.

iPhone 13 or something else?

Apple likes to take local sensitivities and regulations into account. This is the method used by the file IphoneThe camera in Japan has a clear clicking sound to prevent stealth shooting, you can’t use FaceTime in some countries in the Middle East and Apple makes all kinds of adjustments to keep countries like China in a proper mood. However, with the arrival of the iPhone 13, another problem arose. We may not be superstitious in Holland, but in many other countries the number 13 is very sensitive. Airlines passengers don’t want to sit in row 13 for fear of collapse and sometimes room 13 in hotels is skipped because there is likely a dead body under the bed.

When it comes to superstition, Apple has to take many countries into account. Do you look at List of unlucky numbers, so 13 isn’t the only really problematic number. The numbers 4, 9, 14, 17, and 666 can also be sensitive. Besides 5, 6 and 7 also do not like In China. Is Apple taking that into account? The iPhone 4 appeared, but the iPhone 9 was skipped.

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So it remains to be seen what happens to the iPhone 13. Will Apple choose that name, skip 13 or perhaps something else? Let us know in our poll!

According to the study under 3000 iPhone- on IPAD74% of users won’t be happy with the name iPhone 13, a superstition particularly prevalent in Europe, South America and India. Apple could delay the decision for another year by launching the s model this year and calling it the iPhone 12s. to me It’s rumored that cute Jon Prosser won’t be there next year either iPhone 13, simply because the number is inconvenient with a large group of users.

We’ll stick with the name for a while iPhone 13, because the monster must have a name after all. in our area iPhone 2021 Overview You can read about the models that are likely to come this year.

Color is not a problem
In addition to numbers, Apple takes colors into account, too — and it’s not just about temporarily popular trend colors like rose gold and the color scheme of the covers. Many Apple products are available in red and gold.And even extra shine) is also about superstition. Gold represents prosperity and wealth in many countries and is a perfect match for your other products that enhance your business position. In China and the surrounding region, red indicates luck and this is not only good for Apple’s sales, but also profits. for good. Apple hasn’t released problematic colors yet, although we think brown Iphone It may perform less well. However, the saddle brown (with dark blue) is a fixed point for the covers.

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