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Exodus Privacy app gives you quick insight into permissions and (incorrect) permissions

Exodus Privacy app gives you quick insight into permissions and (incorrect) permissions

There are dozens of different applications on many smartphones. Each app needs one or more permissions to work. If you want to quickly see which Android apps have the permissions, Exodus privacy app can come in handy.

Exodus privacy app

With dozens of apps that we use on our smartphones, there are also quite a few permissions and permissions for each app. One app needs access to your location, another needs your contacts, and another needs different requirements. However, just because some apps ask for certain permissions doesn’t mean they really need them. With the Exodus privacy app, you can see what permissions the app is using and such. We previously included this app in our comprehensive roundup of the 10 best privacy apps to protect your smartphone and yourself.

Trackers and Permissions

You can view the trackers and permissions for each app installed on your smartphone. Good news for those who have a DroidApp on their smartphone, no problem. Many other apps require a lot of permissions to work. In some cases, this is necessary to make the application work better, but often this is also in doubt.

At the time of writing, the Booking app has 11 trackers and the app needs access to 27 permissions. Some of these can also be explained. We see access to the phone’s status, read your contacts (which can be used to invite a contact on a trip), and, for example, access a flashlight. We also see the Facebook app, which requires at least 61 permissions. In addition, there is the AliExpress app, with no less than 7 trackers and 35 permissions. Permission settings cannot be adjusted by Exodus. However, you can click the gear to get an app and adjust any settings from your smartphone’s app page. Exit does not directly indicate incorrect permissions

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Do you want to know how apps on your smartphone work with permissions? Via the button below, you can download Exodus Privacy for free from the Google Play Store.