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Apple sues NSO Group over controversial Pegasus spyware – IT Pro – News

Apple joins the list of companies and organizations suing NSO Group over the Israeli company’s controversial spyware program. Apple wants to enforce through the courts that NSO Group no longer uses Apple hardware or software.

An apple complain NSO Group because of the company’s abuse of power. With the vulnerability now patched, Pegasus software can be used to hack Apple devices. The zero day It was discovered by the research company Citizen Lab in Toronto.

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, wrote that “Millions of dollars in companies like the NSO Group develop advanced monitoring technology without any accountability for it. And that needs to change.” Federigi said. Through the lawsuit, Apple hopes to be able to enforce that Apple users can no longer be targeted by the NSO Group’s program in the future.

Pegasus has been criticized several times in spyware cases where journalists, politicians, and other public figures have been spied on using spyware. Earlier this year, for example, it was announced that several French journalists and politicians targeting They were spying on the program and possibly French President Macron as well.

According to the NSO Group, the software is used to gain access to the phones of criminals and terrorists. The spyware suite is sold to governments and government agencies. In September, the SP put parliamentary questions to the outgoing cabinet about the use of Pegasus software by Dutch institutions. This is where the government wants There is no data about to do.

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Earlier, Meta had already started a lawsuit against NSO Group, because the WhatsApp software was hacked on many users. While NSO Group denies involvement in the attacks, Meta believes it has evidence of the company’s active involvement in the hacks.

Human rights and privacy organizations have also filed lawsuits against the company over the spyware, including the Indian Internet Freedom Foundation, Paradigm Initiative, Privacy International, Reporters Without Borders and R3D Mexico. AI Lost Last year, the NSO Group sued.