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Sims 4 update lets non-player characters experience life changes – Games – News

The new update in The Sims 4 ensures that Non-Player Characters Whether NPCs can achieve things in their virtual lives. Players can also influence their life choices, for example by persuading an NPC to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

This update will be available with the new Neighborhood Stories functionality on November 30th as part of the base game. EA reports in a blog post. Hence, players do not need to purchase any of the expansion packs to unlock this feature.

Prior to this, the NPCs of the life simulator game did not experience any real life changes. Now it is possible for these characters to achieve certain things. They can now have children, get married, separate from a partner or switch their careers. The player can now also play a role in this by persuading him with certain options in a conversation. Previously, NPCs could only be made to undergo life changes by incorporating them into the player’s home. This makes them playable and allows them to progress in their lives.

According to the blog post, the development options for non-playable Sims are gradually being expanded. When the update is released, it will only affect Sims who already have a relationship with players’ families. This includes, for example, co-workers or friends. In future updates, Sims who are not yet related to players will also be able to gain a life of their own. It is not known when these updates will appear.

Similar functionality was already present in The Sims 3 under the name Story Progress. In that game, the feature can be turned on and off. The blog post notes that The Sims 4 players with Neighborhood Stories, on the other hand, will be given more options so that they can choose which life changes NPCs will and will not undergo. This should also appear in a later update, thus no longer possible on November 30th.

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Sims 4 was released in 2014. The game is still being updated regularly and many DLC packs are released every year. There is one Island Life Expansion Pack chest and dlc Based on the Star Wars universe. in a Interview with VentureBeat he have studio head EA said the team is also working on the “next generation” of the series.

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