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Apple: "Swiping the Jelly Scrolling iPad Mini is normal"

Apple: “Swiping the Jelly Scrolling iPad Mini is normal”

Apple responds to the complaints of iPad Mini users and says that the strange effect when swiping on the tablet is normal.

fans The new iPad Mini It may feel deserted. After the release of the latest iPad Mini, many users have complained about a strange effect when scrolling on the tablet. Apple has responded to messages and reports which unfortunately can’t do much to fix the problem. This is what the tech site says Ars Technica In an update to their original post. According to Apple, it wouldn’t be abnormal.

Many users started after getting the tablet Complain About a problem with the screen. As you scroll, one half of the screen moves faster than the other. This may cause a flickering screen and is aptly called “jelly scrolling”. According to the tech site, the issue will also occur with other iPads with LCD screens at a 60Hz refresh rate, but it will still be more pronounced with the iPad Mini.

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However, an Apple spokesperson told Ars Technica that this is normal with LCD screens. These types of screens are updated line by line. As a result, you will see a different image at the top than the one at the bottom. So it appears that the company has no intention of addressing the problem. Also, not all users complain about this problem as not everyone notices it. So iPad Mini users will have to get used to it.