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Google adds an image recognition lens to Chrome

Google adds an image recognition lens to Chrome

Google has tonight through an offer Announcing new and improved search features. thus google lens Also available in Chrome in the ‘coming months’. Thus users can search based on the images on the web page. They select portions of images, videos, or text and then display relevant search results in a bar across the page. They do not leave the web page for this. Google is rolling out Lens in Chrome around the world.

Google Lens is the image recognition technology using artificial intelligence, which Google is already using in its dedicated Google Lens app on Android. Lens functionality on iOS can also be used with the Google app. With Google Lens, for example, you can instantly scan and translate texts in a camera image. Lens can also read the words that the phone’s camera sees.

Google Lens will soon allow users to customize searches using text. After you take a photo of, say, a T-shirt with a certain pattern, Google Lens can find similar products. Then, using the “socks with this pattern” command, the user can limit the search to socks. The Google iOS app is also getting a new feature to instantly search all the photos on a web page with Google Lens.

Understand information better with MUM

Google is using Multitask Uniond Model (MUM) technology in many new functions, which aim to better understand information, regardless of its type. MUM can also make connections between different images, topics, and ideas.

Google features that MUM uses allow for more “natural and intuitive search methods,” according to the company. MUM is also used to identify the topics discussed within the videos and display them in the results.

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Search results extensions

Google will, among other things, display related searches and topics in results more often. Users also get new options to narrow or expand their search. Searches that include visual elements are redesigned with larger images.

Many of the new features are initially available in English and US only. It is not yet known when the role of other languages ​​and countries will come.

See store inventory in results

Google will also soon display the inventory of products searched in stores. The results also show current stocks in physical stores in the area. This stock feature will be rolled out by Google from September 29th, also in the Netherlands.

Google also says it makes it easier to browse clothing items from online stores from search results. The results then show a “visual feed” of similar garments in different colors and patterns.

Extended “About this score”

Google will also display more context about sources in search results in the About This Result panel. For example, a website contains information from a Wikipedia page about a company or text that a website writes about itself, or what others have written about a specific source.