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Apple warns users when fake AirPods are connected

Can’t connect your AirPods (Pro) in iOS 16? Then you may have a fake version of the ears. Here’s what happens.

Users who receive the ‘Can’t verify AirPods’ message can still connect AirPods to their iPhone, but they rely on the Bluetooth menu. In the onscreen notification, Apple reports that unauthenticated AirPods “may not work as expected.” Mac rumors I found this information in a support document about the new feature in iOS 16.

AirPods not working in iOS 16

The feature previously appeared in the iOS 16 Candidate Release, but is now also in effect. In a Twitter video, we see that the alleged fake AirPods, just like the real Apple AirPods, trigger a notification to connect the wireless earbuds. After the earbuds verification fails, the process of connecting them will stop.

In particular, through this function, Apple indicates whether users have purchased original copies of the popular AirPods (Pro). If a user doubts whether Apple has checked the earbuds correctly – and whether it’s likely to be a false positive – they can always go to the Settings menu to check. There you’ll find the model and serial number of the earbuds, which you can compare with Apple’s model numbers.

Of course prevention is better than cure. You can still connect the fake AirPods (Pro) to your iPhone, but the experience will never be the same as that of the original earbuds. So, make sure to buy AirPods from a trusted seller, and when buying through second-hand websites, try to pick up the earbuds and try them out right away. With the new feature in iOS 16, you can instantly tell if you have a fake copy.