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Approximately 1,400 PVs for returning travelers with bases …

Approximately 1,400 PVs for returning travelers with bases …

In recent weeks, nearly 1,400 PVs have already been prepared for travelers who returned from the red zone abroad, but have not been quarantined, have not been tested or have not filled out the PLF form.

Attorney General Vincent Van Quickenborn (Open VLD) answered this question in the Parliamentary Justice Committee to a question from his party colleague Katia Gabriels. 831 people ran to the lamp and had yet to complete the PLF form after staying outside for more than 48 hours. Approximately 280 people were banned for not complying with the obligation to test themselves. There were also more than 100 PVs for people who were unable to provide a mandatory negative test result and 82 PVs for people who did not comply with the quarantine obligation.

Most of these violations carry a fine of € 250.

According to Van Quickenborn, the tougher controls are now paying off. During the Christmas holidays, there were reports that only 37 percent of returning travelers had self-tested. Today, 83 percent are tested, more than doubling.

But Van Quickenborn says this percentage should be higher. “After all, it is one of the ways in which we can prevent the circulation of new variants in our country.”

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