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Orange Belgium introduces budget brand ‘hey’ with simple mobile subscriptions – IT Pro – News

Belgian telecom provider Orange introduced a new budget brand in response to Mobile Vikings and Scarlet: Hello. The brand will offer simple mobile subscriptions in three formats for 7, 15 and 25 euros per month.

Hey is a sub-brand of Orange and has three different subscriptions. 1 GB data subscription 500 texts and 60 calling minutes for 7 € per month One of 10 GB data and unlimited texting and 200 calling minutes for 15 € per month 40 GB data subscription unlimited texts and calls for 25 € per month . No TV or fixed internet offer will be associated with subscriptions, as Orange does.

And to keep it as cheap as possible, the brand won’t actually sell subscriptions. New subscriptions will not be offered through Orange and will not be for sale in Orange stores. It is only served via the hi site. Also, the brand does not have customer service over the phone. Customers who have questions contact the chatbot and can send an email, call hey is not possible

Hey offers subscriptions with eSim and via recyclable SIM cards. Orange customers will be able to switch to hey-eSim with their SIM in a few weeks, if they wish. Hey uses Orange mobile network and thus gets HD Voice, VoLTE and VoWiFi support. It is not yet known whether customers will have 5G internet when Orange rolls out its 5G network in Belgium. Hey is a direct answer to the cheap Mobile Vikings, which was launched recently Acquired by telecom provider Proximus.

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Update 9:40 AM – In a previous version, we said that it was not available via eSim yet. This turned out not to be true after inquiries made by the Orange Press Service. This is the reason for amending the article.