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Are taboo things really more attractive?  Margaret and Dina find out in "They Say It" |  TV

Are taboo things really more attractive? Margaret and Dina find out in “They Say It” | TV

TVOnly Kurt Rogers (50) and Margaret Hermans (67) came to the aid of Dina Tarsago (42) in a new episode of “Zig-dat”. The trio checked whether it was really true that forbidden things had more attractiveness.

Margaret Hermans invited an additional 20 unsuspecting people to her “house” for the experiment to record a new video – not coincidentally – titled We Are Banned. Especially for this occasion, the so-called singer’s bedroom received an extra spicy makeover from Dina. “It’s not like my bedroom at all,” she laughs.

During the recording of the clip, each additional person gets a chance to peek into Margaret’s love nest. One half is explicitly told not to look into the room, while the other half is not told anything. Who can restrain themselves, and who does the forbidden room arouse an irresistible curiosity? The video itself actually has a fiery ending because Kürt Rogiers plays Margriet’s lover and this gives off sparks and fire.

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“Today we throw out our daily lives on laptops, smartphones, hard drives, etc. But sometimes they need to be replaced and then we give them used things. They say the data is easy to find, even if you think you deleted it,” Andy explains in a new experience. But is this really true? To test this out, the presenter buys several used laptops, hard drives, and SD cards. Then he played those blank, formatted discs by a data company. Have all traces of the previous owners already been erased or is Andy discovering things that should never see the light of day?

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Finally, Andy and Dina also check if the proverb is true and if the donkey doesn’t hit the same stone twice. An experiment yielding surprising results.

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