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Art space behind Easter Church

Art space behind Easter Church

The new space behind Paaskerk, which is officially in use as of next Sunday, also provides space for changing galleries. How special to begin with an exhibition of the work of Humphrey Bennett (1948-2020). His studio, now used by his son and daughter, is located just behind the Easter Church. It is full of beautiful graphics. A selection of these are now on display. Following the opening of the new space, this gallery opened festively with an introduction by daughter Simone Bennett and dancing by Rasray Kellman. Sunday, September 19, 11:45 a.m., at Easter Chapel.

Humphrey Bennett studied at the North East London School of Art and lived and worked in Barn for much of his life. Best known for his ballets and nature drawings. He entered the world of dance through a model who danced with the Dutch National Ballet. I was impressed by the movement of the dancers. A movement in which he saw similarities with the lines of living trees. Capture the trees and dancers in a unique way. And much more, now to be admired in the new space behind the Easter Chapel.

Welcome to Sunday, Thursday and Friday mornings, Oude Utrechtseweg 4a.

More information: Kristen van den End, Zin in Barn, 06 49718486

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