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Artists’ Essential Tools by Viberate!

Artists’ Essential Tools by Viberate!

With the introduction of Viberate for Artists, independent musicians now have a central hub designed for music distribution, promotion, and analytics. This platform consolidatively offers essential tools that emerging artists require to further their musical careers, providing a unique blend of digital distribution services, promotional utilities like artist websites, and insightful analytics derived from social media and music channels.

As a music data company at its core, Viberate is recognized for supplying in-depth music analytics to seasoned industry professionals. Now, the company is extending its arms to provide artists with innovative, data-driven tools crucial for career advancement. These services are incredibly accessible, with some being offered completely free and others available for a subscription of $39 annually.

For artists keen on propelling their career, here’s a breakdown of the valuable tools and services available on the platform:

Free Website for Musicians

Viberate prides itself as the world’s largest crowdsourced database of artist profiles, meticulously verified by a dedicated team of curators. This expansive and accurate database empowers Viberate to generate a free website for musicians for every artist listed. These artist-specific websites serve as a digital canvas, displaying crucial information including genre, base country, top tracks, music videos, upcoming events, and an audience breakdown. This information is indispensable for music professionals during the talent scouting and booking process. Artists can easily claim and take control of these websites, personalizing them further with contact details and booking options. With these auto-generated, constantly updated, and share-ready websites, artists are equipped with a powerful tool to showcase their talent to the world.

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Spotify for Artists Stats

The platform also acts as an analytics powerhouse, allowing artists to delve deep into their social media and streaming metrics. By simply linking their Spotify account, artists can access all their Spotify for Artists stats. This enables them to monitor key Spotify performance indicators, including listener count, follower growth, streams, and streaming sources. Furthermore, artists can engage in audience analysis, identifying the gender and age of their listeners, mapping fan base distribution across cities and countries, tracking rapid growth regions, and keeping tabs on playlist performances. Through precise playlist analytics, musicians can identify high-performing tracks and observe the evolution of their reach over time, thereby efficiently assessing the success of their releases.

Digital Music Distribution

Artists need to first release their music to promote it effectively. With Viberate for Artists, this process is streamlined as the platform facilitates unlimited digital music releases across all major streaming platforms, ensuring artists’ work is accessible to a global audience.

Spotify Playlist Pitching

Once the music is out, promotion becomes key. Here, the platform plays a pivotal role by offering a tool designed for Spotify playlist pitching. With access to a Spotify playlist chart that ranks over 12 million playlists based on popularity, artists can easily identify and target playlists that align with their musical style, thereby enhancing their reach. This tool offers superior filtering options, allowing artists to sift through playlists based on genre, subgenre, playlist type, song release date, and popularity of featured tracks. This level of granularity in selection ensures that artists can effectively promote newly released tracks to relevant audiences through popular playlists. For instance, artists can find and connect with 83 indie curator playlists featuring House music, each boasting a minimum of 15,000 followers and a significant proportion of newly released tracks.

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Premium Plan Offering

For those seeking more, the Premium Viberate for Artists plan is available at $39 per year, packaging together music distribution services, promotional tools, and advanced analytics for a comprehensive artist support system.


Viberate for Artists is truly a one-stop solution for independent musicians looking to distribute, promote, and analyze their music efficiently. With tools ranging from free artist websites to Spotify analytics and playlist pitching services, artists are well-equipped to navigate and succeed in the dynamic music industry landscape. With the valuable insights and promotional support provided by the platform, artists can not only release their music but also ensure it resonates and reaches the right audiences, driving their careers forward in a competitive space.