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Boris Johnson wants to send refugees to Rwanda – Jup

Boris Johnson wants to send refugees to Rwanda – Jup

Greenwich14 Apr. 2022 – 16:23

This ‘item’ can be a problem for many people and it is very difficult to comment on it. I know it usually works well to deal with problems at the source of where or what originated from. If a lot of people from Africa flee to the UK – for whatever reason – it’s the same thing. The problem – whatever it is – is that problems in Africa have to be tackled first, so a lot – mostly single young people – have to be there to support their families, villages, country. The latter are now backward, and the elderly, women, and children are thus increasingly impoverished.



Hernandez14 Apr. 2022 – 16:49

There is a way where there is preference, Asia can do it, so Africa can do it too.

Karingin14 Apr. 2022 – 16:57

But that’s not the reason they’re going to do this, and it won’t work for long. They are looking the other way. Also, this only applies to men, which is pure discrimination. Rwanda actually gets a penny for this joke, less than 200 million. Do you think they can set up a decent shelter for it? If they want to … it is to send a problem to a country that is in trouble