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‘As a councilor you are close to the solution’

‘As a councilor you are close to the solution’

MIDELBURGH – His sons are in bed at 7pm and then Ruth Poppet Viett can sit on the couch and watch Netflix, but he wanted to use the time more effectively. Now that he is a councilor, he sifts through all sorts of files. “I really enjoy talking to residents and hearing what’s going on,” says De Middleburg (37). “As a councilor you are close to the solution. I can not feel everything, but I can take the ideas to the council. ” Ruth is a member of the Middleburg City Council on behalf of GroenLinks / PvdA and wants to work with young residents, among others. “When young people get together, it quickly becomes a nuisance, but they need a place like a skating rink or community center. In addition, there are plenty of lawns that you can easily turn into a natural playground for children. Two trees, a swing and so on. Solutions do not always have to be complicated, believes Ruth, a member of PvdA about twelve years ago. He canceled that member when he came to work on the Zeeland State Register. Now that he is a policy officer, he can get back into politics. Decided to contest a constituency in the election. “It fits in my life now and politics has always fascinated me. I see relationships in the congregation. It is very interesting to present your views in discussions as much as possible. I just read Public Administration is not idle.” People’s representation is particularly appealing to him. My phone number is on the council’s website, so do not hesitate to call me. “


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Yes, the solution is near? It will take many years