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Live on MotoGP TV in the United States

Live on MotoGP TV in the United States

On the weekend of Sunday, April 10, the bikes will return to the United States for another version of MotoGP at the Circuit of America in Austin, Texas. The races can be viewed throughout the weekend at Gigo Sport (select) and Gigo Sport Racing.

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Overview times: United States MotoGP 2022

Friday, April 8th

  • 4.55 pm: Free Training 1 (Geo Sport (select)
  • 9.10pm: Free Training 2 (Zigo Sport Racing

Saturday, April 9th

  • 4.55 pm: Free Training 3 (Zigo Sport Racing
  • 8.20 pm: Qualification Preview (Zigo Sport Racing
  • 9.10 pm: Qualification 1 (Zigo Sport Racing
  • 9.35pm: Qualifying Round 2 (Zigo Sport Racing

Sunday, April 10th

  • 4.15pm: Warming up
  • 7:40 PM: Racing Preview (Gigo Sport (selection), Gigo Sport Racing
  • 8pm: RaceGeo Sport (select)Zigo Sport Racing

See here Any channel Geco Sport And on Geo Sport Racing on any channel Can be found from your TV provider.

The United States MotoGP Watch Gigo Sport (selection) and Gigo Sport Racing on Sunday, April 10 at 8pm. Watch free training sessions and qualifiers from Friday, April 8th. The summary will continue on

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