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As expected, Zulte Waregem says goodbye to Simons and De fauw |  Jupiler Pro League

As expected, Zulte Waregem says goodbye to Simons and De fauw | Jupiler Pro League

Five months after being promoted from assistant to head coach (in a dual job), Timmy Simmons and Davey de Vaux left Scholt Wargem. The two did not reach an agreement on another position at the club after the appointment of Mbaye Lee as coach. Essevee introduced Leye’s assistants today.

On December 17, Zolt Wargem said goodbye to icon Frankie Dory when the club was 17th. His assistants Davey de Vaux and Timmy Simmons took charge and saved the club from relegation.

Zolt Vargem finished 16th. However, in recent weeks, it has become increasingly clear that the Simons-De fauw duo should not be allowed to remain as head coaches at Waregem.

On May 17 – exactly five months after Dory left – Mbaye Lee was appointed. At the time, nothing was said about Simmons and de Vaux’s future. Even today.

“Issifi also says goodbye to Timmy Simmons and Davey de Vaux. In recent weeks, consultations have been conducted with both of them without result regarding a new position within Issei,” the club wrote on their website.

“Zulte Waregem thanks Timmy and Davey for their efforts in recent years and wishes them all success in their further sports career.”

Patrick Aslam becomes Leye’s assistant again

Now that there is clarity about Simons and De fauw, Zulte Waregem has presented his squad for next season.

Just as with Standard, Patrick Asleman will be Mbaye Lee’s assistant coach. Govert Quintyn has become a new physical trainer. “The 39-year-old teacher at Voetbal Vlaanderen will strive to raise the physical abilities of the A-core to a higher level on the basis of modern methodologies.”

Jani de Vos (goalkeeper coach), Kenny Santi (video analyst) and Jarneau de Fleschauer (performance coach) will remain in their positions.

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